A Letter from the Director Mr. Hanan Bulime


My Dear Friend,


Hanan Bulime, wife Eve and children

The Bulime Family - Renee, Hanan, Rajeave, Eve, Hanaeve

I greet you from Uganda where the doorway to a positive future lies in education for all our children.

Many families in rural areas live in abject poverty, with no school within a 6-mile walk. In areas where schools are available these poor families cannot afford the fees, and so their children grow up without any education at all.


When some people are able to migrate to cities to find education and other basic services, even more rural children become neglected.


This lack of education has resulted in an appalling illiteracy rate of 45% in Uganda and a continuing HIV/AIDS crisis. Our economy is suffering because of so few educated workers for agriculture, industry and technology, and yet we yearn to be self-reliant participants in a growing world economy.


My dream is to move Uganda forward—one school, one child at a time-through education, which is the powerful key that will unlock the door to our future. I hope you will want to share in this dream by offering your generous support to the African Rural Schools Foundation.


Thank you enormously.

Most Sincerely,


Hanan Bulime