Oh Give Me Land, Lots of Land…..


The New ABC Divine Foundation Primary School is on a lovely hillside with a nice view.


Class Outside View of Campus Hill Children Playing on Proposed Land Purchase Plot



Thanks to all those who supported our land purchase project, we are now the proud owners of the entire campus area, including the playground.  We had earlier discovered that the area used by the children to play and hang clothes to dry did not belong to our school, and worse—it was for sale!  So we had to quickly raise and borrow money to make this purchase before someone else bought the land and put a house there.


Thanks to the efforts of the Macchetto Family, other private donors and the children from six elementary classes representing three continents who had a Walk for Kids, we were able to complete this purchase.  We are thrilled!  Click here for a link to the Ugandan Global Project page to read all about the great teachers and children who organized this event!