The John F. Long, SJ Classroom Building


Peggy Macchetto's family gift, the birthday tributes to her from friends, and supporters of the Buy-A-Brick Campaign provided this fabulous new brick classroom block!

Before & After

Father John Francis Long, SJ

Father John, Peggy’s paternal uncle, dedicated his life to God, Education and Ecumenism. He was a participant in the Vatican II conferences and he worked in Rome at the Vatican for over thirty years of his life. He was a great scholar in the field of Ecumenism and Christian Unity. In addition to his many professional and scholarly accomplishments, he was a humble, generous, outstanding human being with a quick wit and remarkable sense of humor. He married Peggy and Claudio and baptized their first child, Thomas. He will always be an important part of their family and their lives.


The original classroom building that was just replaced at the primary school was built in 2004 by villagers and volunteers, from scrap lumber, bamboo, papyrus strips, wooden poles and iron sheets. Each year that went by, the building was leaning further to the side because of termite damage. It was time for a new, brick building, so we are very grateful to the Macchetto family for their extraordinary gift!


The Macchetto Family
(left to right Thomas, Claudio, Christian and Peggy)

Thank you, Peggy!