Classroom Pals


Ugandan children as they read letters We are encouraging American elementary and middle school classes to exchange drawings, photos and hand written notes as a classroom project, to a class in Uganda.

There are elementary aged students at the New ABC Divine Foundation Primary School who are learning English as the official language of Uganda. They are practicing their writing skills with older native English speakers from other countries and would appreciate having a class in the U.S. that would partner with them one time during the school year, either in October or in March.

Have a look at the photos of the Ugandan children as they read letters from their American Classroom Pals!


Some things to remember when doing a Classroom Exchange with children in Uganda:

  • There is a vast disparity in the opportunities, standard of living, school atmosphere and home life between Ugandan children and those living in Westernized countries. Try to be sensitive to this situation when describing your home, school and community.
  • Ugandan children are eager to make new friends, and to tell you about their hopes and interests, just as they would like to hear about yours.
  • They would probably enjoy simple photos of your class.
  • Avoid making promises to children that you cannot keep.

We will always use the address of ARSF-USA when sending and receiving materials, to guard our personal home addresses. Materials can be exchanged once or twice during the American school year; in the early fall and/or spring. We ask that classes who participate in the Classroom Pals project offer a $25 donation to the African Rural Schools Foundation to cover the cost of writing materials and overseas postage for letters and drawings that the Ugandan students send. Please contact us for details.